There are holes everywhere!

This week, Katie got to see the build for the first time. In pouring rain on the way home from the airport, her first impressions were that there were holes everywhere. The weather had cheered up by the time these photos were taken, but that seems to be a pretty good summary of this week’s work…

I’d never have known to start knocking a wall down with a saw Shaun…
Chris & Katie 9-7-14 (1)

…but before too long the wall’s down and a new RSJ is in place (it took me a while to realise this was the view between the dining room and the kitchen)
Chris & Katie 9-7-14 (8)

It’s a similar story next door, with the old concrete lintel being removed…
Chris & Katie 9-7-14 (42)

…to be replaced with a new steel
Chris & Katie 9-7-14 (5)

The wall through to the snug from the lounge is also starting to come down…
Chris & Katie 9-7-14 (24)

Across the hall, the walls to the utility and WC have gone…
Chris & Katie 9-7-14 (35)

…which calls for an alternative ablution solution. This is the start of the builder’s toilet – after all, any fool can be uncomfortable in the field…
Chris & Katie 9-7-14 (2)

On the south side of the house, we’re burying the electricity and telecoms cables that currently run to the eaves. This means trashing a beautifully manicured sloping lawn
Chris & Katie 9-7-14 (16)

Building Control also paid a visit this week, but that needs another post…

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