Sunsets and photo calls

So, since the last post, we’ve been busy enjoying the arrival of British springtime and the longer days/ stunning sunsets that come with it. After six years overseas, these reminders of Home seem that little bit more special than before.

The glass went up around the deck mid-March, so it’s sundowner-o’clock whenever we’re all home from school/work. We’re still kicking the tyres about what table and chairs to put out there for summer; I suspect because, subliminally at least, we don’t want to disrupt the view from the lounge…

20150510 Sunset

Today is the last day of the Grand Designs Live show at London’s Excel.  The architects asked if they could use the project to showcase their work before asking Richard Chivers to come and take some photos for use on the CDMS website and at the show.  We went along last weekend and had a look round the exhibition. As you’d expect there were a lot of exhibitors displaying some pretty desirable products, but the best thing for us was coming away satisfied that we’d made the right choices. Essentially, we didn’t see anything that made us think “if only we’d done that…“.


We got a copy of Richard’s photos – here are some of our favourites that aren’t used elsewhere (P.S. See if you can spot the random carrot in the shots on the CDMS website!!!)

1. Balcombe CDMS... Off to school with Grandma

28. Balcombe CDMS... Front to back

29. Balcombe CDMS... The Snug

27. Balcombe CDMS... Awaiting for a desk

17. Balcombe CDMS... Lounging

14. Balcombe CDMS... Downtime

50 Balcombe CDMS... Star Wars stairs

The next time we write will be after Brickhurst come in to complete the snagging at the end of the month. By then, we should have mirrored doors on the bathroom cabinets so we can do the before-and-after post…


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  1. Liking the painting on the book shelf in the TV room! House is looking fantastic. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Why thank you Mr Joyce. The work you identified is called ‘Vineyards & Carols’ and was painted by a talented emerging artist; originals from South Africa, but most recently of Western Australia, via the UK and Abu Dhabi.
      It usually has a more prominent placement, but on this occasion it was displaced by the peace lily/orchid (or whatever it is) to show-off the vertical qualities of the shelves…
      The photo doesn’t do it justice – it HAS to be seen in person. Please feel free to contact our reservations department as soon as possible.


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