Weekend working

A quick rundown of the main developments over the last couple of weeks;

  1. Name change applied for and approved: it really is ‘The Upside Down House’ now (cue search for suitable house signs)
  2. Gas main installed (good job, given the summer removal of the two oil tanks and the recent cold spell)
  3. Two base layers applied for the render (the two week drying time was news to everyone, so the scaffolding might be in-place for longer than planned)
  4. Floor laid in the hall with timber reclaimed from the loft (Confirming the accuracy of James’ measurements and Jon & Shaun’s estimates)
  5. Floor sanded in lounge, ready for sealing this week (this has been covered in dust for months so it’s good to see it looking so… revived)
  6. Cabinetry built in the snug (so glad we’re not painting it… looks fiddly)
  7. Kitchen walls tiled (the tiles delivered weren’t the ones we ordered, but the finished product suggests this is one of those happy mistakes)
  8. Floors screeded in the master and guest beds (these had sunk a little over the years.  Hopefully they’ve stopped sinking now!)
  9. Bath installed in the family bathroom (some imaginative use of the drill was required to get all the taps and gubbins in)
  10. Taps on the sinks and loos on the walls (looking forward to a Norman Foster…)
  11. Realisation that we’re short of one speaker cable to each of the bathrooms (requiring alternative arrangements to get stereo sound in the shower)

And here are some snaps to prove it…

20141107 Gas Main

20141107 New Hall Floor

20141108 Render Base Layer

20141109 Sanded Floor

20141108 Snug Shelves

20141109 Weekend Grouting

20141108 Master Sinks

20141108 Family Bath

And autumn arrived, bringing a change in the colours outside…

20141109 Sibling Rivalry


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  1. Mrs Upside Down House November 10, 2014 — 8:22 pm

    What a difference a week makes! When we got back from Abu Dhabi last week, the house was in a sorry state…almost the worst it has looked since all this began. The windows had to be covered in black plastic to protect them from the render and those was pitch black and there was stuff everywhere – ovens, dishwashers, tool kits, tiles…..
    But Shaun and Jon and everyone else have been hard at work this week (and weekend!). When I took the kids to the house on Sunday, I could not believe the difference. It actually looks like we will be in on 1st December 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Couldn’t live without double sinks hey…forever an Expat!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Looking fantastic. Can’t wait to come for a visit one day.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Chris. Great to see the house progressing towards completion. Great stuff. Love Dad.


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