Writer’s block

It’s been a while since the last post, largely because I haven’t felt like writing. I’ve gone back offshore, so the family will be living apart for a while (never good for morale). But booking a flight back at the start of October has picked me up again, so we’re back on track!

Lots of progress in the last ten days or so, most visibly on the extension. The steels arrived, so the team have been busy assembling the framework and cladding it in timber so the walls and roof can be added later. The extension frame is half-wood, half-steel. The wooden frame is used for the guest bed, where the walls will be solid, while steel is needed to support the glass walls in the hall.

Loud noises evidently aren’t to everyone’s taste…

...Or is big sister about to whack him with the rhubarb?!
…Or is big sister about to whack him with the rhubarb?!

20140823 Future site of the front door and hall

20140823 Undercroft steel and hall corner post

20140823 Guest shower to front door

20140823 Hall View South

Installation of the plasterboard has also progressed to the staircase, where the old banisters have been removed and a new balustrade has been built…
20140821 New balustrade frame

…before being boxed in…
20140823 Stair balustrade

20140823 Boxed-in stair balustrade and bannister

The area under the stairs was previously open, but this space has now been boxed-in to host the comms and plant room.
20140823 Comms and plant room

After the previous week’s success at finding undisturbed ground for the balcony footings, it’s good to see some concrete poured to complete the foundations to M’s satisfaction…
20140821 Testing the balcony footing

With a transfer of responsibility for photographic content, it’s good to see the new photographer has risen to the challenge!


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  1. Mrs Upside Down House August 27, 2014 — 2:26 pm

    Glad my photos are to your liking 😉
    I got a big shock when I hadn’t seen the house for a few days and came home to see all the steels up. Feels like things are finally coming together!


  2. Seen it for myself now, such a dramatic change. Now some of the really big events to take place like windows, roof and plastering. Really excited to make my next visit to see the changes. PS thanks for the rhubarb. Rhubarb and custard tart has gone down very well at home!!,


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