So what will it look like?

So far, we’ve kept the focus on the work being done during the build phase, but we’ve been working on the design since November 2013. Without giving too much away, here are some images to give an indication of what the house will look like after the revamp…

This is how it will look from the east…
20140621 Stage JKL East Elevation…and from the west

20140621 Stage JKL West Elevation

There will be plenty of space for guests…

20140621 Stage JKL East Ground Floor (Guest Suite)

…and great inside/outside space to enjoy the view at the back

20140621 Stage JKL West Ground Floor (Balcony)

This week we also got some colour mock-ups to help to decide a few colour options. But you’ll have to wait a while to see those… 😉

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  1. Quel grand balcon!


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